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Insight for the Legal Community March 21, 2013   Join us on:  Facebook.  Twitter.  YouTube
The Freedom to Worship Is Not the Freedom to Shun
Jennifer C. Pizer
Lambda Legal Law and Policy Project Director

With nine states and the District of Columbia now respecting same-sex couples’ freedom to marry, and voters in four states having rejected antigay bias in state ballot questions concerning marriage last November, it is clear change is happening. Marriage equality bills have been introduced in Illinois, Rhode Island, Minnesota and Hawaii, a bill is expected soon in Delaware, and more than 100,000 same-sex couples identify themselves as married.

In the face of this momentum and the fast-growing acknowledgment that society lacks good reasons to deny lesbian and gay couples an opportunity that is joyful for so many, some who oppose this change on religious grounds are seeking to interpose a buffer. Read More »

Featured Briefs and Decisions

Hollingsworth v. Perry
Amicus brief submitted by Lambda Legal and Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) urging the U.S. Supreme Court to affirm the Ninth Circuit’s decision declaring California's Prop 8 unconstitutional.

U.S. v. Windsor
Lambda Legal and GLAD’s amicus brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to affirm the Second Circuit’s decision declaring Section 3 of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.

Hatcher v. DeSoto County Board of Education
Lambda Legal’s federal lawsuit on behalf of a lesbian high school student who was punished for participating in the National Day of Silence, an anti-bullying observance. Read the verified complaint and the motion for preliminary injunction.

Esquivel v. Oregon
The State of Oregon has changed its employee health care policy to remove all language that denies coverage to transgender people for transition-related health care. Read the settlement agreement »

Buntemeyer v. Iowa Dept. of Public Health
The Iowa Department of Public Health has declined to appeal Lambda Legal’s case on behalf of a married lesbian couple seeking an accurate death certificate for their stillborn son. Read the ruling »

Appling v. Doyle
The Wisconsin Court of Appeals has upheld as constitutional the state's Domestic Partner Registry. Read the decision »

Pickup v. Brown; Welch v. Brown
Lambda Legal’s amicus brief on behalf of 13 regional and national organizations working with LGBT youth, urging the Ninth Circuit to uphold a California law against so-called "ex-gay" therapy for minors.

Matter of A.A.R.
Lambda Legal’s amicus brief (in Spanish) urging the Puerto Rico Supreme Court to reconsider its prior ruling and grant second-parent adoption to lesbian and gay parents.

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Feature Video

Featured Video:
Gartner v. Newton

Watch oral argument at Iowa Supreme Court in Lambda Legal’s lawsuit seeking to compel the Iowa Department of Public Health to provide an accurate birth certificate to all children born to same-sex married parents in the state. Watch now!

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