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Ask Lambda Legal
By Kenneth D. Upton, Jr.
Supervising Senior Staff Attorney

Q. I just applied for a new job, and am not sure if I should be "out" during the interview process. I don't think my state protects employees from being discriminated against based on their sexual orientation. Can I be out at my interview or at work without risk of being rejected or fired? Read the Answer »

Featured Stories

Obama Endorses Marriage Equality
Lambda Legal Executive Director Kevin Cathcart says, "We thank the President for saying clearly what we know to be true—same-sex couples should have the freedom to marry." read more »

Lambda Legal Issues Warning on NC
Following the passage of an antigay constitutional amendment, Lambda Legal's Camilla Taylor says, "Be warned: We will fight these efforts until the day we erase marriage discrimination from the laws of North Carolina." read more »

Being HIV-Positive Is Not a Crime
Lambda Legal is urging New York State's highest court to drop the aggravated assault charge leveled at a criminal defendant based on his HIV status. read more »

Police Sting Unfairly Targeted Gay Men
Lambda Legal is urging a California court to reverse several convictions from a sting operation in Palm Springs, because the arrests were the result of discriminatory enforcement of the laws. read more »

Presenting the Lambda Legal Blog
Stay up to date with the latest developments in our fight for equality, and share your opinions with other Lambda Legal supporters. read more »

Meet the Couples in Our Nevada Marriage Case
Mary Baranovich and Beverly Sevcik, lead plaintiffs in our federal lawsuit seeking marriage equality, have been together more than 40 years. read more »

Sharing Transgender Life Stories
Lambda Legal hosted an event to share some of the stories we've collected as part of our Trans Tell Your Story project. read more »

Standing Up to Judicial Bullies
Lambda Legal's Eric Lesh writes: "A fair and impartial judiciary, composed of dedicated public servants made in the mold of those honored with the Profiles in Courage Award, inspire public confidence in the integrity of our courts." read more »

Lambda Legal Is Proud...
The California legal newspaper Daily Journal has named Lambda Legal's Tara Borelli to its annual list of the state's top female attorneys. read more »

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